Monday, 26 March 2012

Covert Channel Exploit in ICMP Packet!?

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Well the last few days have been difficult. I tried to log into my Hotmail the other day but was told that my account had been blocked for sending spam, then an alert came up from my security telling me that a "covert channel exploit" had been detected. Well that was a worry, i got the feeling i had been hacked straight away.

After long conversations with my family and a lot of interrogating about what websites i have been going to, we decided it would be best to take the computer to an expert, but first my mum thought she would try googling the problem, which i thought was a total waste of time but i was in trouble and not about to argue.

Well here comes the morel, the Internet told my mum that this is a standard problem with our security, and that with a few simple steps we could solve the problem, and then we did. Whatever you do, if you find a problem with your computer, don't make the first thing you do to tell your parents all of the websites you have recently visited that you think might be dodgy, don't make your first idea to go and pay a lot of money when it may be something you can sort, and last but not last your mum is always right, listen to what she says.

If you are having a message like mine and have eset smart security 5 check this out
Or if you need anymore help comment on this blog and i will check

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  1. Before anything, I am using my husband's address blog to post my comment, so don't be ashamed! (I realize that sooner or later I'll be forced to open my personal one. I forget that this one is not mine, but the problem is that I use to be my husband's interlocutor with mails, blogs, internet...He's somehow lazy in learning the new techs !)

    I wanted to thank you for your post about this security problem ! I've been having this messages for a while and since I use adsl at home with a router, I used to fix the parameters of security in the Linksys security web account. I was sure that Eset misunderstood this "bridge" and did not pay much attention. But as days went on and each time I opened my notebook, the message insisted haunting in.
    Your advice has been very useful.
    On the other hand, I could not resist to peer on your posts... I find you have some interesting points of view ( I mean, for sixteen years old you seem very mature in comparison with my 18 yrs daughter!!) Well it is true that maybe the society you live in may help you influencing in some sort. We live in Uruguay, South America between our two giants neighbours Argentina and Brazil. As my family is mostly French-Catalan-Portuguese-Galician-Rio de la Plata's identity, she has been experimenting that sort of "no-man's land feeling of melting pot appurtenance". It may be somehow difficult to design your identity when you have a multiple choice salad of nationalities and cultural aspects to apprehend !!
    Do you know that in the north of Uruguay the best Amethysts are extracted? There are one or two locations in Germany that live from the product of amethysts and quartz from Uruguay. I find it somehow funny because we produce the rough and someone else does the best part of the work... Shame on us, because we don't have enough "vision"!!
    Well bye bye, keep on writing, I'll take a look from time to time to read you. Thanks again,
    Marie Masquelin, Bella Vista-Maldonado Uruguay